Milan CEO Paolo Sc aroni discussed the impact of Silvio Berlusconi, what the club have learnt from their former president and what lays ahead of their busy summer transfer window.


The Rossoneri are preparing for the inaugural edition of the ‘Trofeo Silvio Berlusconi’, a special pre-season friendly match against Monza. The match, set up in tribute of the former Prime Minister of Italy, will kick off at 20.00 UK time this evening at the U-Power Stadium in Monza.


Milan caused concern after selling Sandro Tonali last month, generating anxiety amongst supporters, but since then they’ve completed eight signings, picking up players like Christian Pulisic and Samuel Chukwueze.


Speaking on page 13 of today’s Gazzetta dello Sport, Scaroni first discussed what he and Milan have learnt from Berlusconi.


“Berlusconi was a forerunner in many fields, but in the world of football he was so much. Milan as we know today, a legendary team with hundreds of millions of fans all over the world, owe everything to him.


“Silvio’s Milan inspired a new way of playing and was innovative in style. Here, this is the path on which I try to continue as president, Pioli trains a compact team, never controversial, attentive to fair play.”


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He was asked if Milan would play a more offensive style, following advice once given by Berlusconi.


“Berlusconi’s Milan taught us that winning while having fun is even more beautiful and I am convinced that the line followed by RedBird’s Milan follows the one traced by Silvio in the past.


“Even if, you know it well, I’m not behind this shopping campaign but there is the great work of our director. Giorgio Furlani, with the support of our reference shareholder Cardinale.


“Gerry follows every aspect of the life of the club, and the transfer market in particular. Football is a show, I hope that Pioli and his boys will be able to please our fans. Like the 2022 Scudetto and the last great season in the Champions League.”


The Rossoneri CEO touched on the club’s work to be sustainable.


“We will close the 2022-23 financial year with a profit, seventeen years after the last time it happened. It was 2006 and Berlusconi was president.


“In the last four years we have doubled our turnover and revenues, it is a great success. The economic growth of the club is fundamental, it was the premise to ensure that this crackling transfer campaign took shape.”


He gave his thoughts on new signing Pulisic.


“I met him at Casa Milan, he is a sunny boy, with a clean face and above all he is a great talent on the pitch. Yes, he is one of those players that Silvio would have liked.”


Finally, Scaroni was asked if Milan really had the chance to secure their second Scudetto star in the coming campaign.


“Look, I don’t want to think about it… I’m just saying that we are ambitious and want to win, but we also have to take into account the fact that playing in the Champions League and progressing in the cup, as happened last season, is just as important.


“It is the fundamental condition to remain at the top in Italy and in Europe. We have to continue on this path, always going on the field to win. If another Scudetto arrives, then, I will be the happiest man in the world. As Berlusconi would have been.”


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