Huddersfield Town strike pair give Neil Warnock food for thought going forward

In an exclusive interview with our Terriers podcast Ooh To Be A Terrier, the new owner discussed why the wait for those new signings is still ongoing and their EFL limitations

Terriers owner Kevin Nagle has confirmed that there is room in the club’s budget for them to bring new players into the squad before the transfer window closes on Friday September 1.


Huddersfield Town have so far added goalkeeper Chris Maxwell as a free agent and right-back Tom Edwards on loan from Stoke City, but their search for a new centre-forward and a central midfielder is yet to bear fruit so far.


Both manager Neil Warnock and sporting director Mark Cartwright have both been quite open about wanting to add players for those positions, and an opening day defeat against Plymouth Argyle that featured numerous missed chances has only increased the calls from supporters for the club to get deals done.

American businessman Kevin Nagle completes takeover of Huddersfield Town | Daily Mail Online

Nagle spoke about that – and several other topics about the future of the club, including their plans for the academy – exclusively on the latest episode our Town podcast Ooh To Be A Terrier. You can subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts by searching for “Ooh To Be A Terrier” – or click here to download the latest episode directly.

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Asked what the club’s transfer situation was, Nagle said: “The situation is they haven’t found the right one yet – whether it’s been the player maybe doesn’t feel comfortable, or the agent doesn’t feel comfortable, or we don’t feel comfortable. I’ve said before that I let the coaches coach – Neil and his team – and I really let Mark, the sporting director, and his team really do what they need to do.


“It’s my job to really be very supportive of them. We’ve done that, I think, so far, and I’m waiting for those right players. We had a chance to see the strengths and maybe the places we need to work on, and I’m excited. We still have three plus weeks left before [the window] closes, so I think there’s going to be still an opportunity to get some really quality players before it’s all said and done.”


He added: “I have great sensitivity of what the fans have to say. I would say this much, I don’t think we’re going to just operate based on what the fans say – but they’re a very sophisticated audience and understand what our needs are, so in many ways I agree with them.


“But there’s no reason to panic or press the button. That’s not the nature of me, I’ll just tell everybody out there right now that that’s the case – I try to keep my poise under pressure. I’ve got to let Neil do his job and Mark do his job, and I think in the end we’re going to have a winning combination.”


Nagle had previously alluded to financial limitations on the club over this first year of his ownership, and he confirmed on the podcast that those come down to the future financial information forecasts that are required by the EFL and especially stringently enforced immediately following a takeover.


He explained: “The limitations, in higher level terms, are when this process (the takeover) goes through, there’s a budget that’s submitted that you submit to the EFL and they approve it. I think there’s a change you can make at some particular point, but you have to live with the net budget because there’s penalties and other types of fines if you don’t adhere to that.


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