Our latest Newcastle United signing, Tino Livramento, shares an uncanny resemblance with one of the biggest popstars of the 1980s.

Tears for Fears were a terrific band that combined the clever lyrics and intricate musicianship of Roland Orzabal and Tino lookalike Curt Smith.


Newcastle United signing the 20 year old inspired me to get my Tears for Fears vinyl out on my return hyem from Glasgow last night.


After listening to their fine debut album ‘The Hurting’, of which Newcastle fans in that single metaphor have had to suffer far more than any other, I quickly transferred to the classic ‘Songs from the Big Chair’.

Tino Livramento: Newcastle 'in talks' with Southampton over deal for right-back | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports

Some of the belting hits were so inspirational and appropriate to what is happening with me and my love affair with the Toon.


The haunting melody ‘I Believe’ is a song of eternal hope and it is hope that must have kept anyone who suffered for over 14 years under Mike Ashley going.


‘Everybody wants to Rule the World’ is as uplifting as any tune ever recorded and a timeless classic.


With the way things are going at St James’ Park and with the feelgood factor pouring from our City, what is to stop us trying to reach the very pinnacle of football success?


‘Shout’ was Tears for Fears’ very own ‘Hey Jude’.


Watch the video if you don’t get what I mean.


Every Geordie deserves the right to “shout, shout and let it all out” as the Septic Six, JSMBs and huffy put-out media pundits continually try to run Newcastle United down.


‘Head over Heels’ is my own particular Tears for Fears favourite tune.


Toon legend and messiah Kevin Keegan actually had a hit single in the 1970’s with ‘Head over heels in Love’.


‘Head over Heels’ by Tears for Fears is how I now actually feel with regards to my support for my beloved black and whites. The final lyrics to the song are, “One little boy wandering by….it’s funny how time flies”.


How poignant as we all get that little bit older.


I don’t want any more of my mates to miss out on what I believe is going to be the best time in our club’s modern history.


I miss my Da and my Uncle Tommy so much, but they had a canny innings and at least I know that they saw the glory of Milburn, Harvey and Mitchell, as well as the rest of our long lost 1950’s heroes.


I think every day about my mate Simon Jones who was killed in his fifties. Bloody hell, he was one of our super fans and he’s not going to be here for what he always wanted and dreamed about.


My boxing buddy Paulie King, who fought professionally in his favourite black and white shorts, is also sadly now no longer with us.


And I recently wrote an article about one of North Shields’ finest ever blokes, the gentleman that was John Asiamah.


I’ve said it before and I will say it once more.


When Newcastle United finally lift that elusive first piece of silverware, I want us all to remember and acknowledge all the sadly departed ‘Toon daft’ lads and lasses who supported us on our journey.


There may still be a few tears on the way, but as for fears, well the Toon Army are frightened of no one.


Lets go into this season and try to win every game.


Eddie’s philosophy on football makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


I’m now thinking that we could be soon challenging for the Premier League title.


What a turnaround in 22 months and a massive thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

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