Matheus Nunes announced his departure from the Wolves in a lengthy and enigmatic tweet last night.

On the final day for transfers, the midfielder departed the team and signed a £53 million contract with Manchester City.

Separately, Tommy Doyle was acquired by Wolves on loan from City.

Nunes’ action resulted from his strike that began last Sunday.

The player tried to force a transfer to City by refusing to train with Wolves.

In the end, the player got what he wanted, and Nunes has received criticism from many for his actions.

But now, the player has issued a lengthy statement about his exit from Molineux and the reasons for it…

Matheus Nunes breaks silence on Wolves exit with lengthy statement
Nunes, who was on the bench for City against Fulham yesterday, decided to break his silence about his move last night on Instagram.

And it is a very interesting statement from the 25-year-old.

He appears to suggest that there has been more to the story of his exit.

He writes: “The time has come to say goodbye to the club that allowed me to play in the best League in the world and to the club for whom I have always had deep admiration and respect. Thanks to Wolves, the staff, my teammates and especially the extraordinary fans, for their unwavering and heart-warming enthusiasm and support.

“I really appreciate the meaning of the word commitment and that was what was always present in my daily attitudes over a year that will remain in my memory forever. I could have a lot to say about the real reason for my departure and how it happened, but I will only say that the fans deserve all my respect, affection and deep admiration. Everything happens for a reason, however incomprehensible it may seem at first sight, but the future, I am sure, will clarify it and probably, at that time, everyone without exception will understand the reason for this last troubled week. Thank you Wolves fans, I will never forget you.”

Manchester City v Fulham FC - Premier League

Nunes statement is very interesting
This statement from Nunes is very intriguing – and it will probably not go down well with most Wolves fans.

He is suggesting that there is more to the story. If that is the case, then why does he not just say what’s happened?

There has been some speculation that Wolves might have had some kind of gentleman’s agreement with Nunes about potential interest in him from a big club.

Wolves were presumably intended to assist him in making a move if a Champions League club came knocking.

Soon after Nunes joined Wolves, it was speculated that he would only remain for one season.

Perhaps he sensed that Wolves would turn their back on that.

But in the end, Nunes’ conduct was still terribly disrespectful. And when he returns to Molineux with City, he will surely meet with hostility.


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