Nigel Clough, the manager of Mansfield Town, expects his injury curse to start breaking over the course of the next month despite new injuries to two important players and 11 players who weren’t healthy enough to start last weekend.
Stags were therefore stunned to learn from tests that Oates had ruptured ankle ligaments and would miss two to three months of work in addition to Quinn having a three to four month layoff due to a torn knee ligament.
It’s very wonderful, he said. I’m not sure what we did to deserve to have eight or nine people missing with ailments that are all different.

“That sums up how arbitrary they are and how unfortunate it is.

The good news is that we’ve been through it all for the past year or so, so I don’t think I need to explain it to the supporters. They are aware. They understand, and while we wait for the players to return, we will make every effort to remain there or close to it.

“This is terrible luck. All of them are simply contact injuries, football injuries, muscle injuries, or other types of injuries. In sports, you might have streaks of unfavorable luck like this, and we currently look to be in one. We had it last season, but often it ends when the season is through, so if you can, try to get everyone in shape before the season starts.

Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough hopes 'incredible' injury jinx is over  after two more players bite the dust

“Squads are designed to deal with two, three, and four injuries, but it is very difficult when you’re missing eight, nine, and 10.”

On the deadline day, Stags were unable to finalize a loan agreement for a striker, but they still have the free agent market at their disposal.
We tried to get him on loan, but there were a few issues with the club we were attempting to obtain him from that prevented us from being successful. So we decided not to pursue that one,” Clough added.
“We can focus on the free agents who are still available that we spoke with before the window closed.


One or two of the people we spoke to said they were holding out to see if they received any better offers because they are now in a position to sign with anyone.

The good thing is that Aaron Lewis is close by. He and Hiram Boateng, then Callum Johnson, and perhaps Stephen McLaughlin, will be the next three to return. Before you know it, Christmas will be here, and Oatsey and Quinny will be returning.

“Aaron Lewis is now recovering the best from his muscle problems. He hopes to work out later this week in anticipation of rejoining the team on Saturday.

“Callum Johnson should be the week following Hiram Boateng, assuming everything goes according to plan.

“Since we knew we had these guys coming back, we didn’t really seek people coming in before the deadline.

“It is not absolutely necessary to bring anyone in at this point because James Gale returned to the field on Saturday and performed well.

Jordan Bowery will be able to return to the top of the lineup from his current “more familiar defensive role” once we have individuals back on defense. For us in the first eight games, he has been outstanding.

“We’ll take a look at it if one truly good one comes along. However, as long as other boys are nearby and there are no further injuries, we should be fine.

With their circumstances, Clough stated he was thrilled to be unbeaten and be in the top seven.

“Despite the disruption we’ve had and changes due to injury, generally we have defended well and been unlucky with a few of the goals we’ve conceded, which have been wonder goals,” he remarked.

“However, our all-around performance, tenacity, and character in fighting back after falling down on several occasions instills confidence and allows you to build an unbeaten streak at this point.

“The pleasing thing is that we have been achieving results despite the injuries, including the clean sheet on Saturday. Despite likely using a different back four for each game, let alone each half, we have only conceded in one of the four home games, which is positive.

While some of the football we played on Saturday was a little flat and sluggish, other games have been outstanding.

“In the circumstances, I am very happy.”

Eight games in the first four weeks make for a challenging start to the season for all clubs, he continued. Being out of the pattern of playing on Saturday and Tuesday early on challenges the team. There are varying amounts among people.

“On Saturday, we had players who had participated in every minute of every game, and we also had Lewis Brunt and Ollie Clarke participating in their debut contests. Given the amount of playing experience they have had, I believe that just one or two members of the starting XI are currently in decent condition.

Prior to their trip to Accrington Stanley on Saturday, the Stags have finally had a free week.

Now that we have some time to reflect, Clough remarked, “we can gauge our current situation.”

“Considering everything, I believe that our team and club are doing pretty well.

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