Evan Ferguson’s knee injury was not sustained during the Newcastle game, according to Stephen Kenny.
Bruno Guimares’ challenge aggravated the striker’s patellar tendon ailment, which has been bothering him for some time.
The 3-1 victory over Newcastle United by Brighton last Saturday was not the cause of Evan Ferguson’s knee injury, according to Republic of Ireland manager Stephen Kenny.
Ferguson appeared to be pushed off the field in the 79th minute following a challenge by Bruno Guimares, who had just given him his first career hat-trick at the Amex. But the 18-year-old’s patellar tendon problem, which he has been dealing with for an undisclosed amount of time, was only made worse by the Brazilian midfielder.



According to Kenny, the FAI’s injury update from last Tuesday morning was inaccurate. “I don’t think it was well reported as an injury in the game, in the challenge, that’s not the case actually,” he added.

“The patellar tendon injury, a knee issue that he has experienced some pain in, is one that he has been playing through.

So, after doing that, he simply thought that it was too painful and prevented him from playing. He was simply too uncomfortable when he got off to take part in [Irish camp]. Respect must be shown for that. He was plainly in too much agony and it was too sore.


When asked if the problem was related to Ferguson’s injury problems from the previous season, Kenny responded, “No, no. I don’t believe so.

Didier Deschamps, the manager of France, remarked that Ireland’s chances of winning Thursday night’s European Championships qualifier in Paris are diminished by the absence of Ferguson.

Deschamps declared, “I think he is a very talented player. He has demonstrated excellent qualities with his own club. I am aware that he has played less times for his nation than for his club. He is going to be a very effective player who gets better with time because he has so many attacking skills. Ireland’s team suffered a significant loss in this contest.


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