The striker Aaron Leya Iseka has spent some time away from the team this week, according to BARNSLEY head coach Neill Collins, since his future is still up in the air.
The 25-year-old attacker, who signed a four-year contract with the team in the summer of 2021, has made just 27 appearances while contributing three goals.

Iseka, one of the club’s biggest earners, signed a one-year loan agreement with Turkish team Adanaspor almost exactly one year ago.
The forward, who has played for Anderlecht, Toulouse, and Belgium at the under-21 level, returned to Oakwell early after his team left the Turkish first division in February after a terrible earthquake severely damaged the city of Adana.

Even though the domestic market is shut down, other transfer markets are still open.

Among the markets that are closing today are those in Bulgaria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic.


Greek clubs have till September 11 to sign players, while Turkish and Cypriot clubs have until September 15.
The transfer window for Kuwait and Saudi Arabia closes on September 20, with Qatar’s window closing on September 18. One day later is the deadline for the UAE.


Collins said of the possibility of Iseka leaving: “It is like anything. There is always a chance. All we can do is wait and see.

Barnsley FC en X: "Aaron Leya Iseka is up for this. 🤯 He dances past two,  before rifling towards goal! Brilliant stuff! 👏 🅱️ 0 - 0 🦁 [29']" / X

“Aaron spent time with his family after spending time exercising up until the weekend.

Except for that, he’ll return to Barnsley and play there like he always has, until a situation arises that is advantageous to both the player and the team.It is really tough for me to tell what is best for everyone since I don’t know Aaron well enough. I’m sure that every player wants to play but they also want to perhaps stay close to their families.

We’ll simply have to keep doing what we’re doing until it works for us and Aaron. Although Aaron has demonstrated his talent in training, there is stiff competition for that job.

Collins has meantime stated that there are currently no urgent plans for any potential new hires through the free agent market.

There is always a chance, the Scot continued. We currently have a group that needs opportunities and a chance to feel like they may come in as the next player, so we need to give them those opportunities.Therefore, I believe we will likely continue using the current system.

However, “if we didn’t keep a close eye on that (the free agent market) to see if there isn’t anyone who can make us better, we wouldn’t be doing our job.”

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