On Tuesday morning, we saw a new chapter of Boulaye Dia’s saga following the failed summer transfer to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

With the player rebelling against Salernitana, who turned down Wolves’ offer, it was said he’d now meet the club president and access the situation.

It turns out that as outlet CalcioMercato.it features an update on this story, it’s claimed that Dia actually failed to show up at the Serie A side.

The striker was supposed to return early from international duty due to injury, but the website writes there’s ‘no trace’ of the player at Salernitana at the moment.

La Salernitana fixe le nouveau prix de Boulaye Dia | AfricaFoot
The absence is said to be happening due to ‘personal reasons’, and even though he’s now expected on Wednesday evening, there are ‘no certainties’ about when he’ll show up again.

Wolves tried to sign Dia on a loan deal with a buying option worth €18m. Salernitana’s rejection led the player to miss training sessions, and as a consequence, he was even fined by them.

Probably not even the Molineux side expected that kind of drama, and it seems this situation will still drag on for a while.

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