Simon Jordan, a former owner of Crystal Palace who is now a pundit, has pleaded with his old team not to choose Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Roy Hodgson’s unavoidable replacement.

Hodgson, who will turn 76 at the end of the season and whose Palace contract expires then, is virtually certainly going to step down at the conclusion of the current campaign.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, according to the Mirror, is one option being considered to succeed the seasoned Eagles manager. Solskjaer has been linked with an unexpected comeback to Premier League management nearly two years after leaving his position at Manchester United.

Jordan, who is opposed to the probable hiring, has voiced his worries about Solskjaer accepting another position in the top division after a disappointing tenure as manager of the Red Devils.

“I think (Solskjaer) presided over a period of decline in Manchester United, in standards and outcomes,” Jordan said on Tuesday to EUROSPORT1.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper makes strong Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claim  - Manchester Evening News

The effects were more worse than people gave them credit for.

“I believe he is most likely a very good football person. Is he a leader, though? I believe he was quite fortunate to land the position. It bothers me when mediocrity gets rewarded. The bland was leading the bland at the time.


Jordan continued, “No (I would not take him at Crystal Palace),” before going on to explain why Palace should consider other options besides the Norwegian. Let’s go.


“I mean, look, at Manchester United, he had players of high caliber who supported him to a certain extent. However, I don’t think of him as a Premier League manager when you have decent Premier League players that need a different kind of management.


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