Ipswich Town boss Kieran McKenna might leave.
The former Manchester United coach only took over as the Tractor Boys’ head coach in December 2021, but since then, he has completely changed the team.

In his first season in command, Ipswich earned promotion to the Championship, and they have made a strong start in the second division.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that McKenna is beginning to draw interest from other sources.

Following Ange Postecoglou’s departure for Tottenham, it was rumored in the summer that Celtic were contemplating the 37-year-old. More recently, it was suggested that Ireland may be interested in replacing Stephen Kenny with McKenna following their disappointing Euro 2024 qualifying campaign.

What statements concerning his future has Kieran McKenna made?McKenna spoke to the Telegraph about his future intentions, which involve managing at the highest level, but he made it apparent that he wants to do so with Ipswich even though he didn’t directly address those rumors.

“The club’s goal is to return to the Premier League, so let’s hope those two journeys come together at the same time. But after that, I don’t make elaborate plans. In my capacity as manager, I have an obligation to give the club everything I have got. The football will take care of itself from that point on and carry you wherever it goes.

In what ways does this affect Ipswich?

Championship: Ipswich Town up for sale by Marcus Evans for £35million |  talkSPORT
The Ipswich board took a risk by hiring McKenna, but they have supported him in every window since then, demonstrating that they are currently able to match his goals.

Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that McKenna is starting to spark interest from other quarters.

It was said in the summer that Celtic was considering the 37-year-old when Ange Postecoglou left for Tottenham. More recently, after their poor Euro 2024 qualifying campaign, it was rumoured that Ireland could be interested in replacing Stephen Kenny with McKenna.

Ipswich Town chief Kieran McKenna pulls no punches after Sheffield  Wednesday defeat - YorkshireLive

What declarations has Kieran McKenna made about his future?
When McKenna discussed his future plans with the Telegraph, he indicated that he intends to manage at the highest level with Ipswich, even if he didn’t specifically answer such rumors.

What will Ipswich do next?
As previously stated, the team has had a strong start to the season and currently sits second in the table after winning four of their first five games.

That will give the team confidence that they can succeed at this level, but we know that this season still has a long way to go, so it’s about learning how to deal with the setbacks that will unavoidably occur at certain stages.

He doesn’t look too far ahead, as McKenna claims, and you can be certain that he is only considering how to defeat Sheffield Wednesday this Saturday at Hillsborough.

When the two teams faced off in League One last year, there were 2-2 ties.

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