According to sources who spoke to Football Insider, the bulk of Newcastle United players concurred to reduce their bonus payouts by 40% this summer.

This summer, the Magpies held discussions with its first-team players about lowering the bonus payments that former owner Mike Ashley had incorporated into their contracts.

After having a fantastic 2022–23 season in which they finished fourth in the Premier League and advanced to the League Cup final, Newcastle was compelled to pay enormous sums to players.
Last year, Newcastle offered players bonuses that included a £20 million payoff if they had won the FA Cup.

The club reportedly have to pay players roughly £20 million to qualify for the Champions League due to Premier League bonuses, bringing the season’s total prospective bonus payouts to above £40 million.

However, the Newcastle board requested that players modify their contracts and reduce bonus payments due to worries that excessive bonus payments might interfere with the FFP at the club.


When discussing future contracts, players were informed that their decisions would be taken into account. According to insiders, a substantial portion of Newcastle’s squad approved of the cuts, according to Football Insider.

The team will still receive a good salary if they repeat their success from the previous campaign and reach the Champions League, although their bonuses from that campaign were reportedly among the highest in the Premier League.
Eddie Howe, the manager, has previously discussed the club’s disagreement with players over the summer.

Yes, there have been discussions about bonuses between the team and the players, and Howe stated as much before Newcastle’s season-opening match against Aston Villa.

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