The England official YouTube channel published a video of players attempting to guess their teammates based on freshly available EAFC 24 figures.

While on England duty, James Maddison, Jude Bellingham, Declan Rice, and Marcus Rashford played a fun game in which one player would pick up an EA FC stat card and read aloud a selected stat to see if the others could determine whose card it was.

The four of them exchanged some great banter, with Declan Rice drawing £20 million Newcastle striker Callum Wilson from the floor.

Wilson was unfairly treated, according to Rice and Maddison.
Kicking off by declaring his physical attribute is 76 then naming his pace as 80, Rice then tosses up another clue saying: ‘I’ll give you one additional clue which isn’t on here. This player is going to be furious because they are a 76 physical.”

Callum Wilson's England snub with Man Utd man a more 'trusted' option -  Chronicle Live

Rice is probably correct, but James Maddison expressed disappointment on Wilson’s behalf that his pace was just 80, adding, “80 pace? Wilson, Callum? Is that correct? No, he’s more of a runner; to be honest, I’d never guessed Callum Wilson.”

Maddison and Wilson are frequently photographed together in the England camp because they are from the same area and have developed a strong connection. It’s not surprising that Maddison would defend his friend.

Could we please obtain Wilson’s reaction right now?
However, both Rice and Maddison have valid points; Wilson is undoubtedly more physical than his 76 rating suggests, and he is unquestionably faster than an 80.

Wilson has every reason to be frustrated with his stats, but his overall is 82, which isn’t bad at all.

I’m hoping to hear Callum Wilson’s thoughts on this season’s figures. I enjoy seeing the responses of players to their personal FIFA numbers (now EA Sports FC).

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