Goalkeeper Vincente Guaita has continued to explain how he left Crystal Palace in the summer, disclosing a fight with manager Roy Hodgson.

The Spaniard spoke to DAZN in Spain about his move to Celta Vigo, which occurred after he left Crystal Palace on a free transfer this summer.

The goalkeeper was in the final year of his contract at Selhurst Park but was left out of the first-team squad when Hodgson returned to steer the club away from relegation last season.

As a result, he expressed a desire to leave in the summer, and Hodgson later disclosed Guaita had refused to play in order to expedite his departure from Selhurst Park.

That happened finally, and he left, joining Rafa Benitez’s Celta Vigo on deadline day.
With the transfer and return to Spain, one would think Guaita would be content, but that has not been the case, as he has been constantly documenting his departure from Crystal Palace since his arrival.

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His previous remarks on the subject were that they had made it impossible for him to leave, even withholding transfer documents, and he has now continued to detail what happened behind the scenes.

“If it is true that we were already in the last years with the desire to change again, we had been in Crystal Palace for many years, where we were very happy, but there were things on the way we did not like,” he said.

“There were six games left to finish the league, I played against Leicester, I was injured, and when I came back, he told me things that I didn’t see coherently, just like when I started with Roy Hodgson.”

“That’s when I decided my year at Crystal Palace was over, and I informed the president.”

“There were difficult times when things became tense, but they thought it was best for me to disconnect from Crystal and enjoy football.”


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