Tony Mowbray lauded Jack Clarke as a “super talent” after his double helped Sunderland beat Blackburn 3-1.

The Black Cats rode their luck early on, and it took two spectacular courageous blocks from Dan Ballard to prevent certain goals from being scored.

It provided a platform for Sunderland and Clarke to develop. He won and converted the penalty, finishing calmly from the spot, and despite Harry Leonard’s header, Dan Neil regained the lead before halftime.

In the second half, Dilan Markanday hit the crossbar, but Sunderland looked increasingly dangerous. It was epitomized by the imperious Clarke, who completed the scoring by rolling in from close range.

Mowbray challenged “amazing” Clarke to keep working hard after their third consecutive victory. “I was extremely unhappy with him for half an hour,” he explained. He was directly in front of me, but he wasn’t paying attention!

Sunderland stats: Cutting through the frustration to examine Jack Clarke's  productivity - Sports Illustrated Sunderland Nation

“He was fantastic tonight. Scored two beautiful goals, earned the penalties, and stuck it away, demonstrating his confidence in standing up and taking the penalty, as well as his composure for his second goal.

“But not only the goal.” The longer the game goes on, the more this team realizes that it should give it to Clarke, who can run it 40 yards up the pitch, cut inside, pass it to players in the box, and shoot.

“He’s a super talent, a great kid, and I don’t apologize for yelling at him and telling him he has to work hard because the best players work harder than everyone else and their talent shines through.”

“That’s what he has to learn, to work really hard for the team out of possession.”

Blackburn, according to Jon Dahl Tomasson, should have been “out of sight” in the first half.

“We are very disappointed with the outcome,” he remarked. Based on the chances we produced, we should have scored three or four goals in the first half.

“Also, because of the way we built it and the number of big chances, we should have been out of sight in that way.” We witnessed some outstanding football.

“I believe we gave away three unnecessary goals.” Of course, as the game progressed in the second half, it became a little more open. But we gave up a penalty, and I believe it was the first time they were in our box. Then, right before halftime, a corner.

“I thought we started well in the second half. Dominant once more, creating opportunities. When you consider how many opportunities there were, it’s amazing that we didn’t achieve a result.

“The team has done a lot of things correctly.” We must, of course, be more clinical.”

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