I feel we have identified his long-awaited replacement over thirty years after possibly the most ecstatic celebrator of Newcastle United goals joined our club.

Kevin Keegan made an inspired signing when he signed Barry Venison.

Despite just scoring one goal for the Toon, he was the indisputable ‘Celebrator in Chief’ for all goals scored during the 1993 promotion and Entertainers eras.

Many of our goals between 1992 and 1995 will likely include Barry at the center of a melee after another Newcastle goal had rocked an enemy net.

August 1994 – Issue 66

He was easily identified by his flowing blonde hair, and he was usually hanging on the back of a teammate, fists pounding and gleaming in joy.

The euphoric grin on Barry Venison’s face following Liam O’Brien’s wonderful free kick against Sunderland in October 1992 was one of the greatest images of joy I have ever seen from anyone in our black and white stripes.

The fact that Barry had previously been the mackems’ captain in a Wembley final adds to the poignancy of the image.

Anthony Gordon becomes a target after 'rubbing people up the wrong way' but  Newcastle know truth - Chronicle Live

There is a new kid on the block, and I believe he possesses all of the essential credentials to finally bear the incredible load that a ‘Celebrator in Chief’ necessitates.

Please welcome Anthony ‘Flash’ Gordon.


In my opinion a proper ‘CIC’ must have a bit of edge and actually like to get into the opposition’s faces.

He must also be able to provoke and wind up opposing fans, just by his sheer presence in a Newcastle United shirt.

He has got to be the fastest out of the blocks to reach a goalscoring teammate and celebrate like he’d scored it himself.

Young Flash ticks all the boxes above.

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Like his predecessor, he has the bleached blonde hair, and a smile as wide as the Tyne.

Barry was a good looking so and so though and this is where I think Anthony has the advantage.

With his gaunt and rugged features and unique style, Anthony Gordon particularly seems to annoy fans with his appearance.

It’s as if he somehow epitomises the stereotypical 2023 charva look to them.

So who better than Anthony to step into the breach as Newcastle United’s new ‘CIC’ I ask?

So far this season he has shown the attributes required for this important role.

He’s been playing like a man possessed, and he’s getting super-fit and turning into a strong tackler.

He’s already scored a couple goals, and you can see he’d love to join in with our fans if he could.


I truly feel he is falling in love with our club and is winning over the Gallowgate fans.


Anthony Gordon may never be a decent captain, but I believe he has all the components to be our major ‘Celebrator in Chief’ for many years to come.


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