The Dallas Cowboys’ victory over the Detroit Lions on Saturday made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A contentious call toward the conclusion of the game nullified a two-point convert that would have given the Lions the lead with seconds remaining. Following the game, a video of the refs missing the call surfaced. Golden Tate, a former Detroit Lion and Pro Bowl receiver, resorted to social media to accuse owner Jerry Jones and the NFL of game manipulation.

Golden Tate Accuses Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, NFL Of Rigging

Tate referenced a past bad call in a Cowboys-Lions game. “Jerry Jones picked up the phone and made that same call he made back in 2015 when they picked up that PI FLAG..” Tate used social media to express himself. Tate is, of course, alluding to the no-call for pass interference in a 2015 playoff game between the two teams. The former receiver accuses Jones of interfering with on-field decisions.

Not Rigged, Just Bad Officiating

While analyzing the game, I don’t believe the referees intentionally manipulated the outcome; rather, it seems they lack competence in their role. It’s evident that they struggle to identify who is eligible and who is merely present in the play, leading to considerable confusion.

The referees made a decision and stuck with it, but the problem in today’s NFL is the omnipresence of cameras. These cameras expose missed calls, potentially influencing the final result. Throughout the season, the officials have been a prominent storyline.

The Dallas Cowboys secured a significant victory, leaving the Detroit Lions frustrated. The positive aspect is that the Lions are still in contention for the playoffs, but they must regroup and concentrate if they aim to pursue a Super Bowl title.

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