According to The Times, West Brom might benefit from a £915 million deal in January, with the Premier League expected to be summoned by MPs to explain the delay in reaching a financial settlement with the EFL.

On January 4th, the newspaper, through its website, conveyed that the culture, media, and sport select committee are scheduled to conduct a session in mid-January to inquire with the Premier League and EFL regarding their perceived lack of progress. There is increasing pressure for a financial agreement to be reached, especially as several EFL clubs, including West Brom, are grappling with financial challenges.

The delay in reaching a decision stems from the 20 Premier League clubs postponing their vote on a proposal presented by league officials. The proposed deal amounts to £915 million over a six-year span, equating to £152.5 million annually for the 72 EFL clubs. The Premier League clubs are seeking clarity on the precise contribution figures they would need to make before consenting to the terms.

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Additionally, the proposed agreement entails the introduction of spending controls in both the Premier League and the EFL. However, there is a distinction in the limits, with Premier League teams allowed to allocate 85% of their income to wages, while the EFL would be restricted to 70%. In the current season, each Championship club, excluding those receiving parachute payments, is set to receive £5.19 million in solidarity payments from the Premier League. The potential new distribution model could mean an additional £4 million per year for top Championship clubs.

The select committee might also address other aspects of financial regulation, including profit and sustainability rules, financial fair play, and plans for new financial controls when questioning the Premier League and the EFL. Any alterations in these areas could impact the ongoing takeover discussions at The Hawthorns.

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