Leeds United has been quite impressive in 2024, as they have narrowed the six-point deficit with Leicester City at the top of the Championship.

In addition, the Whites are the only team in the Championship that has not lost at home thus far this year. They have won nine straight games, and Sky Sports analyst Andy Hinchcliffe is impressed with the team’s balance.

Just a fortnight ago, it seemed like Leicester was poised to clinch the Championship title with a comfortable 12-point lead. Nevertheless, consecutive defeats have allowed the Whites to narrow the margin.

Leeds’ primary objective is to secure automatic promotion, but they face pressure from Southampton and Ipswich Town close behind. Despite this, following their triumph against the Foxes, Leeds sees an opportunity to further reduce the gap and potentially claim the title. Hinchcliff, speaking on Sky Sports, expressed the belief that Leeds is likely to remain undefeated for the remainder of the season, both at home and away.


Hinchcliffe expects tight game | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports


“Their performances exhibit an excellent balance, with Gray and Ampadu seamlessly transitioning from midfield to the back four, and Gruev and Kamara slotting into central midfield.

Surprisingly, the team appears more harmonized now than it did before, making everything seem aligned for Leeds. Daniel Farke, having experience in guiding teams to promotion, is well aware of the pressures at the summit of the table. Their current form and position in the league are rightfully earned.”

Bold prediction

Leeds demonstrated remarkable determination and resilience in orchestrating a stunning comeback against Leicester City in their recent fixture. Despite trailing by a goal until the 79th minute, the Whites maintained belief in their capabilities and swiftly scored three goals to overturn the match.

While their performance has been notably impressive, predicting whether they will remain unbeaten is challenging in the unpredictable world of football. Tough opponents such as Hull City, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, and Blackburn lie ahead for Leeds, and the final-day clash with Southampton could be pivotal in the automatic promotion race.

Daniel Farke is likely to emphasize a one-game-at-a-time approach, urging his players to focus on the immediate challenges rather than getting ahead of themselves with thoughts of promotion or the title. The league table will naturally reflect their progress if they continue winning games. Hinchcliffe, drawing from what he has observed, has made a bold prediction regarding Leeds’ future success.

Looking ahead, Leeds will face Chelsea in the fifth round of the FA Cup, and considerations about how the Whites might line up at Stamford Bridge arise.

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