One of the most intriguing pitchers of the 2024 season is Atlanta Braves standout pitcher Max Fried. With a stellar 3.03 ERA, a career record of 62-26 (.705), and a strikeout to innings pitched ratio of about 1:1, Fried has demonstrated extraordinary skill on the field. He has quietly established himself as one of the National League’s best pitchers under 30. His record and statistics leading up to his first significant free agency years in 2025 are evoking comparisons to NL Cy Young champion Blake Snell from 2023.

Fried has always given outstanding performances in previous seasons. In spite of his injury struggles in 2023, Fried turned in an excellent 8-1 record with a 2.55 ERA. His persistence and tenacity, which will probably serve him well in the forthcoming season, are evident in his capacity to overcome adversity.

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What Can We Expect From Fried in 2024?

Fried, who now sits second in the Braves rotation to the rapidly rising superstar Spencer Strider, will have his finest season. Pitching with a strong lineup, he is healthy and will have unheard-of run support. There’s not much evidence to suggest Fried won’t win 20 games.

According to Fangraphs ZIPs, he is expected to start 32 games. It is reasonable to anticipate 20 wins this season given his career average of.705 in baseball. If he can maintain his health, 2024 will be his greatest career victory total in a single season. He has won the most, 17, in 2019.

Fried’s expected ERA in 177 innings in 2024 is 3.15, yet in the 44 starts he has made in the last two seasons, his average ERA has been 2.51. He is as efficient as Shohei Ohtani and Jacob DeGrom combined. Given that he will soon be free agent, Fried will keep his 2024 rating of 2.50%.

It would be reasonable to anticipate 160 strikeouts over/under target given his career 8.4 K/9 and 177 innings this season. This is Fried’s one chance to land a major deal and earn a significant sum of money, so take the over.

Fried Won’t be a Brave in 2025

The Braves don’t usually overpay players who have passed their prime. That will be the case if the Braves win the National League and Fried has the year that everyone thinks he will. At the end of this season, they’ll let Fried go. It’s the finest thing that can happen to Fried and the Braves organization; the 30-year-old pitcher gave the Braves the best performance, and Fried will receive a big deal.

Given Fried’s West Coast origins, there have been rumors that he might move back home. Should Fried choose to depart the Braves, teams like the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, and San Francisco Giants might be in the running to sign him. However, the Texas clubs and the Diamondbacks are still viable options. The possibility that these teams will take notice of Fried’s performances gives the upcoming season an intriguing dynamic.

There’s no doubt about it: if Fried has a season akin to Blake Snell’s, he will be the most sought-after free agent available, and the Braves only need to look at his projected $30 million salary for the upcoming year.

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