At the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix, Red Bull’s strategic prowess combined with Max Verstappen’s exceptional skill led to an unbeatable performance, resulting in a commanding victory for the Dutch driver. Helmut Marko, a key figure at Red Bull Racing, showered Verstappen with the highest praise following the race.

Verstappen’s triumph marked his third win of the 2024 Formula 1 season. Particularly noteworthy was Verstappen’s outstanding performance on worn tires during the final stages of the race, showcasing his remarkable talent and ability to excel under challenging conditions.

“We dominated from the first lap,” Marko expressed to the press. “This race stands out as one of the best this season. Our pit stops were incredibly fast, clocking in at 2.1 seconds, and our strategy was flawless. Additionally, we made the right adjustments to the wing setup before the race, showing our ability to react effectively to changing conditions.”

Marko added confidently, “Nobody can beat Verstappen.” However, when questioned about the prospect of Max Verstappen winning the next 20 races, Marko simply laughed. “I don’t even want to entertain that thought at this point. But one thing is certain, Max is in complete control.”

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Finally, Marko underscored an instance of Verstappen’s dominance in Japan, noting that the world champion set the fastest lap on worn tires towards the end of the race. “That’s a psychological statement to the rest of the drivers, showing them, ‘hey, this is what I’m about’,” Marko emphasized.

The victory not only consolidates Verstappen’s lead in the Drivers’ Championship but also brings Red Bull Racing closer to breaking records and attaining new milestones in Formula 1.


Yuki Tsunoda also in line for praise

In addition to the impressive performance by the Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen, Marko was also pleased with hometown hero Yuki Tsunoda’s performance in Japan. Tsunoda, representing Red Bull, clinched a 10th place finish, securing a valuable point for the team in the Constructors’ Championship. Furthermore, his achievement marked a significant milestone as he became the first Japanese driver in 12 years to score a point in his home race.

“It’s quite unusual that the ‘silly season’ has kicked off so early, with contracts already being signed in April,” Marko remarked. “However, we won’t allow ourselves to be pressured. We’ll monitor everything closely and make a decision later, likely in the summer.”

“Yuki has shown remarkable consistency this season, and his past mistakes are behind him. Additionally, he has displayed better control over himself on the team radio,” Marko added, highlighting Tsunoda’s positive developments within the team.

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