There was surprise at the winger’s absence from the Stadium of Light, but Dodds affirms that the 20-year-old still holds a promising future on Wearside. He suggests there’s a “strong chance” that Ba will return to the squad for Tuesday’s game against Leeds United.

Ba had been a regular presence, starting four out of five games during Dodds’ current tenure. However, he was notably omitted from the matchday squad on Saturday.

The interim head coach clarified his decision, stating that he didn’t foresee bringing Ba off the bench against the Robins. Hence, he opted to leave the youngster out of the squad entirely.

Dodds expressed his perspective on the decision, acknowledging that Abdoullah may not agree with it, but he views it as a significant positive. He emphasized the importance of competition for places, stating that it fosters greater desire among the players.


Does Abdoullah Ba have a place in Sunderland side? - BBC Sport

According to Dodds, competition is beneficial and healthy for the team. He clarified that his decision was not personal, highlighting that Abdoullah had been a regular starter in previous matches.

Dodds explained that he wanted to ensure Aji (Alese) was included in the squad and considered for playing time. He also mentioned the return of Pat (Roberts) and his intention to keep Riggy (Chris Rigg) on the pitch for as long as possible.

Regarding Abdoullah, Dodds mentioned that he didn’t see an opportunity to bring him on during the match, which influenced his decision. However, he reassured that Abdoullah has a strong chance of being included in the squad for the upcoming game on Tuesday. Dodds further explained that when selecting the team, he tries to anticipate substitutions, and Abdoullah wasn’t envisioned as one of those substitutes prior to the game.

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