Donte Whitner, a former NFL player, thinks the one person the Bills will miss the most this season is Stefon Diggs.

In a video that the “Up & Adams” Podcast released on Twitter on Monday, Whitner informed presenter Kay Adams that Diggs’ departure would be noticed right away.

They will really miss him, Whitner remarked of Diggs.


Donte Whitner - Kirtland Hills Capital | LinkedIn


Whitner addressed Adams’ query regarding the offseason departure that would have the greatest impact on the Bills this season. He highlighted Diggs as a reliable target for Bills quarterback Josh Allen, emphasizing Diggs’ knack for making plays whenever the ball was thrown his way. Whitner also noted Diggs’ consistent threat to accumulate over 100 yards in each game, although he acknowledged the reported locker room disturbances caused by the talented wide receiver. In the absence of Diggs, Whitner pointed out that the Bills’ success in 2024 would heavily depend on Allen’s decision-making and ability to remain healthy. The recent trade of Diggs to the Houston Texans caught Buffalo fans off guard, with Houston sending the Bills a second-round draft pick for Diggs. Despite Diggs’ departure, he played a significant role in the Bills’ offense last season, amassing 107 receptions for 1,183 yards and eight touchdowns. Additionally, Buffalo saw the departure of wide receiver Gabe Davis, who signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a free agent during the offseason.

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