After the 49ers’ loss to the Chiefs, many fans of the Kansas City Chiefs were quick to accuse the Super Bowl of being rigged. However, at least one former player now believes the game was manipulated to benefit the Chiefs.

San Francisco 49ers Legend Says Super Bowl Was Rigged

“The 49ers played against the officials as well, men, when we consider the Super Bowl as well. I believe that when we see that movie, those defensive ends are shown giving bear hugs. According to Whitner, via The Big Lead, “And you really see it at blatant moments in the game.” “The 49ers faced off against the Chiefs, Taylor Swift, and the officials.”

Donte Whitner Gets Trolled On Social Media For Comments

Many NFL fans criticized Whitner on social media for his accusations, arguing that the 49ers had ample opportunities to win the game. They pointed out that the team also benefited from significant calls in the 4th quarter and overtime of the Super Bowl.



Who is the Super Bowl referee for the Chiefs vs. the 49ers? How do NFL  officials prepare? - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Some fans believed that Whitner was simply making excuses for his former team and that the 49ers failed to execute when it mattered most. One fan expressed frustration, saying, “All these dudes do is cry,” while another countered, “This is a loser mentality.” They argued that the Chiefs won because they played well and understood the overtime rules, not because of referee decisions.

Despite the absence of holding calls against the Chiefs, fans emphasized that the referees did not prevent the 49ers from winning the game. Ultimately, they felt that the 49ers had opportunities to capitalize on, but failed to do so when it counted, unlike the Chiefs.

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