Lil Durk is gearing up to organize a concert in Chicago named ‘Smurkchella’ as part of his efforts to address the violence in his city. He recently took to his Instagram Story to reach out to artists interested in joining him in putting together the event, which he intends to host at the Bears’ stadium.

In his message, he expressed his plan for Smurkchella to be a “stop the violence” event, with proceeds being split between various non-profit organizations, both large and small. He called upon fellow artists to collaborate with him in this endeavor, emphasizing the importance of coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of Chicago’s youth.



Durk also mentioned his non-profit organization, @neighborhoodheroesfoundation, which will be involved in organizing the event. He underscored that this initiative is his way of giving back to his community without seeking recognition solely for the sake of appearances.

Lil Durk established his non-profit organization, Neighborhood Heroes, in 2020 and has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts within his community since then.


Lil Durk Shares Plan To Host 'Smurkchella' Event To 'Stop The Violence' In Chicago

In 2022, Neighborhood Heroes collaborated with another non-profit organization called Chicago Votes to provide inmates and staff at the Illinois Department of Correction with 29,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. This initiative aimed to address the challenges posed by the lack of access to clean water within the prison system, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement during the initiative’s launch, the rapper emphasized the heightened risk of COVID-19 exposure faced by individuals in correctional facilities and underscored the importance of providing basic hygiene necessities to prevent the spread of the virus. He expressed the natural alignment between his foundation, Neighborhood Heroes, and the collaborative efforts with Chicago Votes and IDOC.

In 2023, Neighborhood Heroes organized a “Dinner with Durk” event in Chicago, where 30 high school students had the opportunity to engage with five mayoral candidates, facilitating discussions on community improvement initiatives.

During the same year, Lil Durk partnered with Amazon Music to award $50,000 scholarships to two students from Chicago to attend Howard University. These students were selected from a pool of 20 participants in Durk’s Neighborhood Heroes HBCU College & Career Readiness Cohort Program. Additionally, Durk donated $250,000 to Howard’s GRACE Grant, a program designed to support students in need of tuition assistance.

Announcing the news on his Instagram, Durk expressed gratitude for the opportunity to support students facing challenges in completing their education, highlighting his commitment to making a positive impact in their lives.

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