Fans now have a better understanding of Sunderland’s summer transfer window preparations thanks to Mike Dodds.

Sunderland recently conducted initial recruitment discussions in preparation for the upcoming critical summer transfer period. Interim head coach Mike Dodds mentioned that fans can expect some adjustments compared to previous transfer windows.

Criticism has surrounded Sunderland’s recruitment strategy this season, particularly as their playoff aspirations have dwindled in the latter part of the campaign. The club has witnessed the departure of numerous experienced players since last summer, further reducing the average age of the team, especially with injuries impacting the squad during Dodds’ leadership.

Dodds emphasized that the fundamental approach of placing trust in young players and providing them with substantial playing opportunities will remain unchanged. However, he acknowledges a collective recognition that certain minor adjustments are necessary. The recruitment discussions will intensify in the upcoming weeks, with the incoming head coach contributing their perspectives after being appointed at the end of the season. Dodds stated, “We’ve initiated our initial discussions regarding recruitment, as well as evaluating the positives and areas for improvement.


Sunderland's Mike Dodds sets out head coach ambition but insists he's in no rush - Chronicle Live


“So those are the early rounds that we’ve completed; no specific players were discussed, but you talk about squad composition, summer focus areas, and all that type of stuff. I am aware that there will be additional meetings scheduled for the final week of the season, as well as three or four for post-season recruiting and other things. Naturally, the new head coach will be informed about the meetings that have taken place and will subsequently have an impact on transfers. In light of this year’s recruiting and the issues that must be resolved before the start of the following season, we have held our first meetings, if that makes sense.

As things stand, Sunderland’s average age is poised to decrease further this summer, particularly with Corry Evans and Bradley Dack likely to see their contracts expire. Both players have struggled to make an impact this season due to injuries, and Dodds believes the club’s leadership has acknowledged the resulting impact on the team.

Dodds cautiously suggests that there will be a more balanced approach going forward. He acknowledges that the club will not completely deviate from its strategy of identifying young talents and potential gems, as it aligns with their core beliefs and investment in the club. However, he notes that this season’s challenges have underscored the need for one or two additional experienced players to complement the existing squad. Moreover, Dodds feels there’s a requirement for increased squad depth.

“When I took over the team, there was a serious injury list, which likely indicated that some depth needed to be addressed. Thus, I anticipate some minor adjustments and a somewhat more impartial stance. Even though it doesn’t feel like it right now because we’re sitting in midtable and it’s not where we want to be, this season has highlighted and will be a positive [in the long run]. Some things need to be addressed, and I believe the club will do everything in their power to do so in the summer.

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