All Sunderland supporters want is for this season to finish.

The Black Cats have had a very disastrous season since Tony Mowbray was fired shortly before the new year.

The decisions made by the Sunderland owners and sports director Kristjaan Speakman regarding managers and transfers have drawn criticism.

And in the wake of the team’s most recent 1-0 loss to Millwall at home, Dodds has now drawn criticism.

Sunderland 0-1 Millwall as Mike Dodds criticism emerges

Dodds has faced criticism, particularly regarding his team selection and tactical choices. The recent performance against Millwall, following a series of relatively positive results in the Championship, highlighted a decline in Sunderland’s form. Fans were left frustrated after the defeat, with many attributing the team’s weakness to Dodds’ failure to adapt.

Mike Dodds drops team selection hint ahead of Watford vs Sunderland


Sunderland players are gathering around a free kick during the Sky Bet Championship match between Sunderland and Millwall at the Stadium of Light i...

This weekend, Sunderland plays Watford in the Championship.

Although the Black Cats don’t have anything to play for right now, supporters still want to see a successful outcome to carry them into the summer. This is the second-to-last game of the season.

And a lot of people may be hoping Dodds gets a significant shake-up in the side.

However, Dodds stated that he “wont be experimenting” with the team prior to the Watford match, saying:

“I’ve always said we won’t be experimenting this weekend. We’ll field a team to compete in the football game.

The difficult decisions facing Mike Dodds ahead of Watford

The first thing that springs to mind is how limited Sunderland’s rotation options are.

Although they don’t have a short roster, Dodds’ options are limited by injuries and underperforming players.

Really, Dodds can only rotate the striker and possibly the wingers. If Corry Evans can play in midfield, he may bench Bradley Dack this weekend and start Jobe Bellingham again.

In the season’s final two games, Tom Watson might be a factor, but as Dodds notes, don’t expect many significant changes.

The game starts on Saturday at 4 p.m.

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