The AC Milan probe is still underway, even as the season’s pivotal phase progresses off the field and speculation about the team’s off-field future intensifies.

Today’s edition of Corriere della Sera, as reported by Radio Rossonera, delves into the investigation conducted by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office regarding the transfer of ownership of AC Milan from the Elliott fund to the RedBird fund, following doubts raised by La Repubblica and responded to by lawyer Felice Raimondo.

The focus of the news revolves around Aldo Savi, the financial and administrative director of the club. Savi characterized a document, which came into the possession of the Guardia di Finanza, as ‘peculiar’ during the investigation.


This document, purportedly intended to outline Milan’s corporate structure to potential investors from the Arab world, was in fact a preliminary version sent by a RedBird fund manager to Milan’s administrative director, Aldo Savi.

Indagine sulla proprietà del Milan, la carta che dà l'assist alla Procura |

In his testimony to the investigators, Savi reportedly described the document as ‘an interpretation raising concerns about the true ownership of the Rossoneri’.

According to the Corriere’s definition of Savi, the “mole” would have also reported “his impression” to the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, meaning that “Elliott’s strong influence still weighs on the daily management of Milan.”

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