The quarterback for the Class of 2027, Bobby Coleman, is a name that recruiters should become familiar with.

At the recent Elite 11 Atlanta regional, quarterback Bobby Coleman Jr., a rising sophomore at Phenix City Central in Alabama, stood out among a highly competitive field of quarterbacks. Described by 247Sports National Analyst Cooper Petagna as possessing a level of maturity in his game uncommon for someone his age, Coleman’s skills include the ability to vary speeds, make layered passes, and display downfield accuracy—traits that are particularly rare for a player at his stage of development.

Measuring in at 5 feet 10 and a half inches tall and weighing 168 pounds, Coleman shared that he’s gearing up for his sophomore season. Notably, he is the younger brother of Cam Coleman, a five-star recruit in the 2024 class who is now a freshman wide receiver at Auburn.

After the competition on Sunday, Coleman told 247Sports, “I felt like I got a really good self-evaluation.” “I’m picking up knowledge from the coaches and many of the men around me.


Bj Coleman 2027 QB (@BobbyColemanJr) / X

There were only a few quarterbacks from 2027 present.

“It’s pretty cool, I’m just blessed with the opportunity to be out there,” Coleman stated.

His Power 4 offers are from Texas A&M, Georgia, and Auburn.

Coleman is considering attending a game in Athens during the fall season, despite not being a dedicated Georgia fan. He jokingly admitted his allegiance lies with the Tide, a loyalty ingrained since childhood. Nevertheless, he recognizes Georgia’s strengths as a top-notch institution with excellent coaching.

Looking ahead, Coleman has plans to participate in camps at several prominent schools including Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, and Georgia over the summer. Additionally, Michigan and North Carolina have shown early interest.

While Coleman’s recruitment is still in its early stages, he’s poised to attract significant attention from college programs. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit in terms of offense and position as he evaluates his options.

Although he’s tagged along on recruiting visits in the past, often playing a supporting role to his brother’s high-profile recruitment, Coleman is gearing up to take center stage during upcoming visits to college campuses.

Coleman remarked, “My brother has helped pave the way for me.” “Learning how everything operates and how college football is a business before I follow in your footsteps. Roll Tide and War Eagle it is for him. You won’t hear me say War Eagle is at his best other than then.

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