According to reports, Nottingham Forest has filed a lawsuit against Sky Sports for airing their reaction to their loss to Everton.

Following Nottingham Forest’s 2-0 defeat at the hands of Everton last month, the team took to social media to voice their disapproval of Stuart Atwell’s selection to serve as the game’s video assistant referee in spite of his purported loyalty to Luton Town. The relegation-battlers made their statements because Nottingham had three very strong penalty calls refused by VAR throughout the match. Manchester United veteran and Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville ripped into the team’s “mafia-gang statement.”


Mark Clattenburg

Neville stated: “Honestly, it’s like a mafia gang statement” during the post-match coverage on Sky. What, after all, are they playing at? Let’s face it, given some of the decisions Forest has made this season, I believe that everyone can sympathize with them. The assertion resembles a whiny toddler. It’s awkward. However, they are seizing victory from failure. They might ask, “Why should we just sit here and get screwed over and say nothing?” At the end of the game, you could declare, and your captain and manager make excellent proxies, that we’re not going to tolerate the caliber of judgments that are going against us. That would have a genuine impact.

“For Nottingham Forest, today has been an awful day. horrifying for how they handled the circumstance, but also potentially terrible due of the choices they made. You’re getting into pretty dangerous terrain when you describe the VAR official as a Luton supporter and imply that this has affected the decision-making process. As a fan, I can’t help but wonder, “Has he cheated us? ”

About Clattenburg: “Tonight, Mark Clattenberg needs to step down. He is endorsing what is being said if he witnessed those remarks, which cast doubt on the impartiality of the referee and call someone a liar for backing a different team. He wouldn’t be taken seriously by the referees during the game. He ought to withdraw himself tonight and take a step back.


Referee Anthony Taylor and the VAR team in Everton vs Nottingham Forest have been criticised

The Daily Mail reports that Nottingham has written a formal letter to Sky Sports in response to Neville’s remarks regarding Clattenburg, who did resign from the team earlier this week as the Sky commentator had claimed. According to reports, an item on Sky Sports’ website that quoted Neville as saying Clattenburg’s resignation was “not surprising” has been removed. According to reports, this was completed following Nottingham’s legal letter to the broadcaster.

It’s yet unclear if the legal letter will result in more legal action being taken against Sky Sports. Nottingham’s next game is scheduled for May 11 at Chelsea, where they hope to close the gap with Luton Town.

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