When a Detroit Lions fan went viral for mocking a Green Bay Packers fan during the NFL Draft, defensive back Kerby Joseph of the Detroit Lions sent him a very special gift.

Following Green Bay’s selection of Jordan Morgan with the 25th overall pick, the Lions supporter—later identified as Kizito Katende—began gesturing and laughing at the Packers fan. The entire incident was captured on camera.


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Katende informed us that the individual he had trolled was, in fact, Jacob, a friend he had known since high school. Since 2:00 p.m., they had been at the draft.

Jacob had been urging the Packers to select specific players all day, he added, and then they selected Morgan.

“I had to just laugh at him, you know, because he was begging for that guy for like literally all day and they didn’t end up getting him,” he continued.


Katende thought this was a brilliant moment since, well, fans of the Lions are used to being the target of jokes.

“It feels incredible. You know that we were able to defeat the Packers last year and win the division, so we can finally laugh at them at the draft. You know, it’s just so much fun,” he remarked.

The cleats Joseph wore when intercepting Aaron Rodgers at the end of the 2022 season were handed to Katende, according to a tweet shared by Jacob last week.

The message read, “Hey, man! Here are my cleats—I caught my first and second career INT from AROD—because you made me giggle draft night! With much love, JKerb.

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