It’s probable that Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders were better suited together. Despite being in the worst division in the NFL, Carr missed the playoffs after getting released in the summer and signing with the New Orleans Saints.

Jimmy Garoppolo was acquired by the Raiders to take his place, but he was benched after six starts. It’s simple to understand how the team’s performance the previous season may have been higher had Carr been retained. Nevertheless, it appears like the quarterback’s stay in New Orleans might not be very long.

Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report identified Carr as one of the quarterbacks with the greatest pressure going into the 2024 campaign.


derek carr

Moton’s May 7 column highlights potential concerns for Carr, particularly with two young quarterbacks waiting in the wings. Poor performances in the upcoming season could prompt Carr to feel pressure from behind.

One significant factor adding to Carr’s uncertainty is head coach Dennis Allen’s precarious position. Allen faces significant scrutiny, potentially having the most tenuous coaching seat in the NFL. If Allen is dismissed, Carr’s job security could be at risk.

Under Allen’s leadership, the New Orleans Saints have failed to reach the playoffs in his two years as head coach. Should the Saints miss out on a postseason berth in 2024, Allen’s job may be in jeopardy, casting doubt on Carr’s future with the team.


Derek Carr will have a ticking clock in his second season with the Saints

Carr shares a positive history with Allen dating back to their time with the then-Oakland Raiders in 2014. However, if the Saints opt to part ways with Allen, the arrival of a new coaching regime may lead to changes at the quarterback position, further clouding Carr’s prospects with the team.

If Carr is cut by the Saints after just two seasons, teams may not be eager to sign him as a starter, thus this could be his make-or-break year.

Mickey Loomis Praises Derek Carr

As things stand right now, the Saints will have to start Carr in 2024. A $62.8 million dead cap charge would arise from cutting him now, and his contract contains a no-trade clause.

The Saints may not even be considering it at this moment, but they have no practical means to move on from him. Mickey Loomis, the general manager, recently defended the quarterback.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio on May 9, Loomis emphasized an aspect that has been somewhat overlooked: Derek Carr faced significant physical challenges last season. Loomis highlighted a particularly rough encounter in the Green Bay game, which took its toll on Carr and required several games for him to regain his form. Despite the adversity, Carr demonstrated his toughness by continuing to play through the discomfort. However, it noticeably impacted his performance, especially during the middle stretch of the season.

Loomis acknowledged Carr’s improvement towards the end of the season as he became more accustomed to his receiving corps and the team’s offensive weapons. Nonetheless, Loomis stressed the importance of providing better protection for Carr moving forward.

While Loomis hasn’t lost faith in Carr, there may be some uncertainty regarding Dennis Allen’s tenure as head coach.



What Derek Carr Needs to Do in 2024

Carr’s greatest criticism during his career has been that he hasn’t achieved enough success. In his lone postseason game, he was defeated. His position should be secure for 2025 if he can lead the Saints to the postseason in 2024.

It might be time for the Saints to start from scratch if they miss the playoffs once more. That might result in a trade or cut for Carr. He needs to win ten or more games during the regular season in 2025, even if he performs well in 2024. If not, he might play elsewhere.

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