Even with Terry Rozier joining the squad, they weren’t able to duplicate the heroics of the previous year and lost to the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs.

Of all, there was only so much they could have done with Jimmy Butler out of the lineup and Rozier battling injuries as well.

Now that Butler and Bam Adebayo are both eligible for extensions, they will have a crucial offseason in the future.

In light of this, Anthony Chiang, a beat writer for the Heat, stated that the big man is extremely likely to benefit from a huge paycheck during the offseason:


“Adebayo is expected to receive a lucrative extension from the organization this offseason to keep him in Miami for years to come as a foundational piece for the Heat who is still a few years away from turning 30,” Chiang stated.

According to a Miami Herald reporter, the team won’t think twice to sign Adebayo to a very costly extension because they view him as a key component of Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra’s vision.


Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo see better Heat game in NBA Finals

One of the top defensive players in the game, Adebayo will represent the United States at the Olympics this summer.

It seems sense that the Heat will try to retain him around for many more years because he has been incredibly durable for the most of his career.

Despite not being the most visually spectacular player, he has created an impression with his tenacity, grit, and ability to stop smaller, quicker players from scoring on the basket, pick-and-roll, and even the perimeter.

He’s also improved greatly as a scorer when called upon, and he’s the type of guy that epitomizes Heat culture.

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