The Mark Pope period has advanced significantly.

Big Blue Nation hasn’t thought twice about providing excitement and funding to help Lexington usher in the Mark Pope era.

With NIL, the collegiate sports landscape has completely transformed in the past few years, and programs now need to maintain their competitiveness in a variety of ways.

Coach Pope stated that Big Blue Nation’s financial support is needed for the program, and the Kentucky Wildcats supporters did not let him down.

Since it began accepting donations, Club Blue, Kentucky’s NIL project, has garnered almost $915,000—yes, nearly $1,000,000.

Coach Pope originally set a May 15th deadline back on April 29th, and Club Blue is now close to reaching its $1,000,000 goal.


Cody Fueger, one of Kentucky’s assistant coaches, discussed the goal in a Tuesday interview with KSR.

“We’ve got a huge event planned for June 15th, and everyone who signs up for this can meet the team and take photos. It’s going to be kid-friendly, with free food and games for the kids. It’s going to be an incredible event, but we need to reach the million-dollar mark. We’re so close — $915,000. We’re right there, and we’re hoping to close that out,” Fueger said.

Coach Pope has emphasized the importance of Club Blue for the future of Kentucky basketball, and the Big Blue Nation has responded impressively, as usual.

This is another testament to Kentucky fans being the best fanbase in the world!

If you haven’t already, you have just a few more days to donate to Club Blue and gain access to the meet-and-greet on June 15th.

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