Typically, preseason games for the Seattle Seahawks focus on determining the final roster spots. From 2010 to 2023, with Pete Carroll as head coach and Russell Wilson as the long-term quarterback, there was little drama, only support for players striving to make the team.

However, 2024 brings some changes. Although a quarterback battle isn’t highly anticipated, fans can’t completely dismiss the possibility. If Sam Howell, acquired in the offseason, excels during training camp, the new offensive coaching staff, having no particular loyalty to either Geno Smith or Howell, might evaluate both quarterbacks in preseason games before deciding on a starter.

Additionally, while the Seahawks’ defensive strategy will likely remain basic during the preseason, fans should notice differences in new head coach Mike Macdonald’s approach compared to the past 14 years.




Seattle Seahawks 2024 preseason schedule

In other words, this preseason should be much more engaging for Seahawks fans than in previous years.

Like all NFL teams, Seattle will play only three preseason games. Previously, teams had four preseason games, but this changed when the regular season expanded from 16 to 17 games. Since Seattle has nine home games in the regular season, only one preseason game will be at Lumen Field.

Most preseason games can be watched on NFL+ with a subscription for those outside the Seattle area. Local residents should be able to watch through a local broadcaster, unless the NFL Network picks up one of the games.

Here’s the preseason schedule, with times provided by CBS Sports (though they might change):

– Preseason Week 1: Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday, August 10, at 1:05 pm PT
– Preseason Week 2: Seahawks at Tennessee Titans, game and time TBD
– Preseason Week 3: Cleveland Browns at Seahawks on Saturday, August 24, at 4 pm PT

Typically, presumed starters don’t play much in the preseason to avoid injuries, but Seattle’s 2024 preseason might be different. The new coaching staff could still be fine-tuning their schemes and making adjustments.

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