Although Rob Dillingham and Reed Sheppard are both anticipated to be lottery selections this summer, they are currently “under consideration” for the first choice in the draft.

The conversation at the NBA Combine in Chicago is all about the Atlanta Hawks and how two guards from Kentucky might fit in, even though the NBA Draft lottery has already come and gone.

The Hawks were awarded the first choice in the 2024 NBA Draft this summer after winning the lottery last weekend. It’s now up for debate: who will they take?

As to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony, two prospects from Kentucky are ‘under consideration’ for the first choice.

Givony listed five players, including Rob Dillingham and Reed Sheppard, who will be considered for the Hawks.

Sheppard made waves at the combine this week, but Dillingham didn’t measure up as well and had an early injury that kept him out of the game for the rest of the week.

Though both players are sure to be selected in the top 10, this is the first time the core group of players at or near the top is beginning to become more apparent.


Jan 17, 2024; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Kentucky Wildcats guards Rob Dillingham (0) and Reed

Even though point guard Trae Young is still with the Hawks, there have been whispers in recent weeks that they may trade Young and begin a complete rebuilding with their first overall choice. In that scenario, hiring a guard would be crucial.

It is surprising to see Givony list Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham as possible top picks because most mock drafts have both players going anywhere from picks 3 to 8. Sheppard is typically the first member of the duo to leave the board in mocks as well.

After excellent freshmen seasons at Kentucky, both players have the ability to continue moving up the draft boards in a class that many observers have dubbed “historically bad.”

Individual workouts are the next step for both players, where they should both shine.

In addition to Sheppard and Dillingham, Donovan Clingan, Alex Sarr, and Zaccharie Risacher were among the other players nominated for the top place.

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