Along with other insights from the NFL Schedule announcement, the Rams are well-positioned for 2024 after a difficult start and a strong finish.

The Los Angeles Rams shouldn’t have too many grievances after the NFL revealed its 2024 schedule on Wednesday night. The first of their five primetime games will take place on the road against the Detroit Lions in primetime. The Rams’ remaining games should position them for a successful postseason run. These are the ten things I learned from the Rams schedule.

1. Week 1 in Detroit is less than preferred opener

Playing in Detroit is a tough challenge most weeks, but Week 1 will be particularly difficult. The Lions are surrounded by significant hype and excitement this season. After years of longing for a playoff run, they hosted a postseason game last year and were just one win away from the Super Bowl. The anticipation for this season, especially after Detroit hosted the draft, has been building for seven months. Los Angeles will not only face the Lions on the road but also in a primetime matchup for Detroit’s home opener.

Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Puka Nacua have had seven months to reflect on their playoff loss to the Lions in the wild card round and will certainly be eager for revenge. However, of all the weeks to play the Lions, Week 1 would have been one of the least desirable choices.

2. Rams Just Need to Survive First Five Weeks

The opening five games for the Rams could be brutal. Based on forecasted win totals, the Rams are set to have the seventh-most difficult schedule in the first five weeks of the season. It may seem manageable on paper, but the reality is quite different. The Arizona Cardinals, their Week 2 opponent, could be tough to beat on the road as they’ve improved significantly. Similarly, the Chicago Bears could pose a formidable challenge with an exciting offensive lineup featuring Keenan Allen, DJ Moore, and Rome Odunze. Between the Cardinals and Bears, the Rams face a tough matchup with the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams will then head into their bye week after playing a Green Bay Packers team that finished last season strong.


Of course, it’s possible that the Rams end this period with a 5-0 or even 4-1 record. But 3-2 or 2-3 make a lot more sense. For the Rams, avoiding a disastrous start to the season will be crucial. The middle of the season will be well-positioned if they can reach the bye week at 3-2.

3. Week 6 Bye is Early, But Rams Have Two ‘Mini-Byes’

It is ideal for the bye week to fall between Weeks 8 and 12. That usually falls in the middle of the season, giving clubs ample time to consider any midseason adjustments that may be necessary in order to contend for the playoffs. Rather, the Rams receive a bye in Week 6, their second bye week of the season. It’s important to note that, with no bye in Week 8, only two teams receive byes in Weeks 7 and 9.

Though the Rams get an early bye week, they will still have two “mini-byes.” In Week 8, the Rams take on the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night before taking ten days off and playing the Seattle Seahawks. It’s difficult to play the 49ers in Week 15 following a game against the Bills on a short week. But until they play the New York Jets, they will have ten more days. Those two “mini-byes” could be a viable substitute for the favored bye week in the midst of the season.

4. Middle of the season looks to be easiest stretch for Rams

Though the Rams get an early bye week, they will still have two “mini-byes.” In Week 8, the Rams take on the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night before taking ten days off and playing the Seattle Seahawks. It’s difficult to play the 49ers in Week 15 following a game against the Bills on a short week. But until they play the New York Jets, they will have ten more days. Those two “mini-byes” could be a viable substitute for the favored bye week in the midst of the season.

Even if the Rams enter the bye week at 2-3, this stretch provides a good chance to recover and set themselves up in the playoff hunt. Even if the Rams end up 4-1 during that stretch, that puts them at 6-4. This is a portion of the schedule that the Rams have to be able to take advantage of going into the final stretch.

5. No International Games, Games on Holidays, or on Special Broadcasts

Thankfully for the Rams, there won’t be any long road trips to Europe this season. While there was some hope they might play on Thanksgiving, they avoided facing the Lions on that holiday. Prior to the NFL’s schedule release, it was announced that certain games will only be available on Netflix. With games being spread across Netflix, Peacock, ESPN+, and the NFL Sunday Ticket package, watching football is becoming increasingly expensive.

Fortunately, the Rams have a pretty standard viewing schedule in 2024, which is great for the fans. There’s no need to sign up for unnecessary subscriptions, and holidays can be enjoyed stress-free. The Rams will be able to maintain a relatively normal routine, which will be beneficial for both the team and its supporters.’

6. Rams Avoid Long Road Trips and Several Teams on Byes

The Rams’ trip mileage will always be high because they play on the west coast. They appeared to fare well this year, though. There aren’t any intense back-to-backs on the road. From a travel standpoint, the most difficult three-game span would be visiting New England, returning home to play the Eagles, and then taking a plane to New Orleans the following week. There won’t be any lengthy road trips, though, that would force the Rams to think about spending a week on the east coast.

In addition, the Rams play two teams following a bye week instead of four like they did in the previous season. Given the two “mini-byes” and the Monday Night Football match, Los Angeles ought to have a bigger cushion than they did at different times in 2017.

7. Five Primetime Games is Huge Boost From Last Season

The Rams had a down year in 2022, but the talk of tanking in 2023 was greatly exaggerated. This perception likely contributed to the Rams having only two primetime games last season. However, after returning to the postseason and finishing strong, the Rams are back in the primetime spotlight.

They will kick off the season on Sunday Night Football against the Lions and have two Thursday Night games against the Minnesota Vikings and the 49ers. Additionally, there is a Monday Night Football game against the Miami Dolphins, marking Jalen Ramsey’s return to SoFi Stadium. Lastly, the Rams will play another Sunday Night game against the Philadelphia Eagles later in the year. If the Rams perform well, they will have plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents to a national audience.

8. Three Games With 10 a.m. PT starts

Throughout Sean McVay’s tenure, the Rams have actually performed well in the 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT) time slot. However, it can still be challenging since it’s much earlier in the day than West Coast teams are accustomed to playing. Typically, West Coast teams play their home games in the 1:05 PT time slot, and they are usually scheduled in this slot for road games as well, except for once or twice a year.

This year, however, the Rams will play in the 10 a.m. PT time slot three times when they travel to face the Patriots, Jets, and Bears. Most teams try to stick to their own “time zone” during the season, so it may not have too much of an effect. Nonetheless, it is something worth noting.

9. Final Stretch sets up for a strong playoff push

The final three games of the season are relatively manageable for the Rams. Whether they are trying to secure a playoff spot or are on the outside looking in, the schedule works in their favor. The Rams play two of their last three games at home, including Week 17 and 18. The only road game during this stretch is against the New York Jets, who might be struggling by that point. This favorable setup could provide the Rams with a strong finish to the season.

The last three games are also quite easy to handle. The Rams have a favorable schedule whether they are aiming to make the playoffs or are just trying to stay out of the picture. Two of the Rams’ final three games, which include games in Weeks 17 and 18, are at home. They travel to play the New York Jets, who at that moment might be in danger of disintegrating as a club.


And the last three games are likewise rather easy. The schedule looks good if the Rams are attempting to make the playoffs or are merely trying to stay out of the picture. In Weeks 17 and 18, the Rams host two of their final three games at home. They play the New York Jets on the road during that time, who might be close to disintegrating as a club by then.

10. A Return to the Playoffs Seems Probable

Depending on how the Rams’ defense performs without Aaron Donald and how they adapt to new coordinator Chris Shula, their potential record could range from a ceiling of 13-4 to a floor of nine wins. If the Rams land somewhere in the middle, it should position them well within the playoff picture, which is certainly exciting.

The Rams will need to stay healthy, but after investing in the offensive line during the offseason, they should have good depth up front to handle potential injuries. Cooper Kupp will have ample time to recover in the offseason, and if Matthew Stafford can stay upright and healthy, the Rams should be strong contenders in the NFC this season.

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