After this past weekend’s EYBL session, the top-ranked player in the class of 2025 shared insights into his recruitment, highlighting a recent offer from Duke and its significance for the Blue Devils.

Since Jon Scheyer took over as head coach of Duke Basketball, he has prioritized attracting elite talent to Durham. His efforts have resulted in securing one of the top two recruiting classes in the nation for the past two years. Last season, he brought in the #1 overall recruit for the class of 2024.

Cooper Flagg was the first No. 1 overall recruit to commit to Duke under Scheyer, marking a significant achievement for the coach. Prior to Flagg, the highest-ranked recruit to join Scheyer was Dereck Lively II from the class of 2022, who was ranked No. 2 nationally.


AJ Dybantsa, the nation's top junior, talks past and future visits


In a significant move in the college basketball recruiting landscape, Duke University has extended a scholarship offer to AJ Dybantsa, the No. 1 prospect in the 2025 class. This strategic decision by the Blue Devils highlights their determination to remain a top-tier program and has greatly influenced the recruitment of Dybantsa.

Dybantsa, a 6-foot-8 forward known for his versatility, athleticism, and high basketball IQ, is highly sought after by elite programs. His impact on both ends of the court has drawn comparisons to NBA stars, making him one of the most coveted recruits in recent history. Duke’s offer is particularly notable given the intense competition from other prestigious programs like Kentucky, North Carolina, and Gonzaga.

Under head coach Jon Scheyer, Duke has been aggressively targeting top talent to continue the legacy of Mike Krzyzewski. Scheyer’s recruiting strategy involves building relationships early and leveraging Duke’s rich basketball history. By offering Dybantsa, Duke sends a clear message of its intent to stay at the forefront of college basketball, resonating strongly with recruits.

For Dybantsa, Duke’s offer adds a new dimension to his recruitment process. Known for valuing both athletic and academic excellence, Duke presents an appealing option for the young star. The university’s track record of developing NBA-ready talent and providing a national platform is unparalleled. This offer also puts additional pressure on other programs to step up their recruitment efforts.


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The impact of Duke’s offer is multifaceted. It increases the spotlight on Dybantsa, heightening the scrutiny of his decision-making process. It may also prompt other schools to expedite their recruitment pitches, knowing they are competing with one of the most successful programs in history. Additionally, it could influence other top recruits to consider Duke more seriously, recognizing the program’s ongoing ambition and competitiveness.

Recruiting analysts believe Dybantsa’s decision will be pivotal, potentially triggering a domino effect in the 2025 recruiting class. If he commits to Duke, it could attract other high-caliber recruits, creating a superteam capable of national championships. Conversely, if he chooses another program, it could elevate that school’s recruiting profile and position them as a serious contender nationally.

As Dybantsa navigates his recruitment, he will need to balance factors like playing time, development opportunities, and future professional prospects. Duke’s offer adds an exciting twist, keeping fans, analysts, and rival coaches on edge.

In the coming months, the basketball community will closely watch Dybantsa’s decisions. His choice will shape his career trajectory and significantly influence the college basketball landscape. For now, Duke’s bold move reinforces its status as a powerhouse in the dynamic world of college basketball recruiting.

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