Detroit Lions C.J. Moore Opens Up About Gambling Suspension

.. Moore, who was suspended for a year by the NFL for breaking its gambling policy, is back on the field with the Detroit Lions. Moore’s return to the squad in April after missing the entire 2023 season was crucial since it enabled him to negotiate a new contract earlier this month.


Detroit Lions WILL Win Super Bowl Detroit Lions C.J. Moore Opens Up About Gambling Suspension

Gratitude and Reflection

Moore conveyed his sincere gratitude for the chance to play football professionally during Thursday’s organized team activity.

Moore expressed his gratitude for it after Thursday’s OTA session. “We were not permitted to communicate (while I was suspended). My agent only informed me that they had reached out once the door opened. That was really a blessing. It defies explanation. I just have the utmost gratitude for them.

Accountability and Lessons Learned

Moore accepted responsibility for his actions but remained reticent about the details of his gaming.

Moore remarked, “I just didn’t hold myself accountable.” “I shouldn’t have started gambling or done anything similar in the first place. In that regard, I came up short. I was aware of the guidelines. As I already stated, I was acting immaturely, only gambling, and losing control over my awareness of what I was doing. Just a thoughtless error.


C.J. Moore Detroit Lions

Personal Growth and Support

Not only has Moore been suspended for the past year, but he has also undergone tremendous personal development. He commemorated his marriage, received a second child, and continued to train regularly to be physically strong. Moore acknowledges that his wife’s continuous support has been essential throughout this difficult period.

Moore remarked, “I thank God for her, man.” She is an expert. She didn’t give up at all; instead, she stayed by my side, simply stood behind me, and helped me out when I needed it.


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