Bo Bichette, the Toronto Blue Jays’ star shortstop, has been receiving medical care due to a knee injury. He was placed on the 10-day injured list after experiencing patellar tendonitis in his right knee, a condition that has plagued him previously and contributed to a notable decline in his performance this season.

Bichette’s struggles at the plate have been evident, with a significant drop in his usual offensive metrics. His batting average has fallen to .233, and his power numbers are down, with only three home runs and a .349 slugging percentage through 45 games. This performance is a stark contrast to his career norms, where he has been a consistently high performer.

His current injury and the resulting downtime are crucial for recovery, as it could explain some of the underlying issues affecting his swing and overall performance this season. The Blue Jays and their fans hope that Bichette can recover quickly and return to form to help the team in their playoff push.

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