SAD NEWS: Las Vegas Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce declared that quarterback Gardner Minshew would no longer play.

It appears there’s some confusion regarding the situation with the Las Vegas Raiders’ quarterbacks and head coach Antonio Pierce. As of my last update, Antonio Pierce is not the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders’ head coach, as of my latest information, is Josh McDaniels. Additionally, Gardner Minshew has not been associated with the Raiders, as he was a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts most recently.

Gardner Minshew simply wants to win football games and have fun doing it

To clarify the actual status of the Raiders’ quarterback situation or any updates regarding their coaching staff, I would need to verify the current news. However, based on the context, it seems that there might have been a mix-up in the information provided.

Would you like me to check the most recent updates regarding the Raiders’ quarterback situation and coaching staff to provide accurate information?

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