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Las Vegas Raiders: DT Talks About Leaving the Miami Dolphins with Christian Wilkins
Christian Wilkins, a defensive tackle for the new Las Vegas Raiders, played his first five seasons in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins before joining the Silver and Black this summer.

Defensive tackle Christian Wilkins will soon start his rookie season with the Las Vegas Raiders.

This offseason, Wilkins signed a free agent contract with the Raiders after spending his first five NFL seasons as a dominant defensive tackle with the Miami Dolphins.

Wilkins recently discussed leaving Miami on the “Third and Long” podcast.



According to Wilkins, “it’s just such a transition, obviously, like a” “Making Miami a winner and giving this city, these people, and this organization what it truly deserved was all I wanted.”

It goes without saying that in order to at least do my share, I had to give it a lot of attention. Regardless of the situation, I simply made an effort to constantly contribute, give it my all, and give everything I had when I was here with the Dolphins—whether it was as a player, leader, or member of the community.

“Sure, things have changed since then, but I really feel like I’m ready for it. It’s tough to go to a new organization after putting so much into a group or an organization. I’m excited for this new challenge and feel like it’s part of my purpose, in addition to being a part of boys playing for me so that I can spread my light in a different city and place.

“Power Rangers are precisely that—they go wherever it’s necessary to kick someone in the butt and anytime you need to fend off evil forces. Whether it’s in Angel Grove or on Planet Phaedos, itirrelevant. You have to follow along, even though I’m getting a little nerdy about Power Rangers right now.

I couldn’t ask for a better scenario, and I’m just getting started and locked in. As I mentioned before, I’m pleased to be working with another city, location, and illustrious, historic company and franchise.


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