For the first time since tearing his ACL, Ronald Acuña Jr. talked with the media, and his remarks are devastating.

Almost a week has passed since Ronald Acuña Jr., a great player for the Atlanta Braves, suffered a horrific ACL injury in Pittsburgh that ended his season. Although his teammates have spoken with us, he hasn’t addressed the media since the news broke this Thursday.

The 2023 NL MVP, who only three years ago experienced the same injury to his right knee, is devastated. Fans of the Braves may recall reading reports from the previous season that the young superstar grieved every day while recovering from his first injury.

The remarks he made on Thursday were heartbreaking to read and hear, and regrettably, having an ACL tear earlier does not make the second recovery any easier.

Heartbreaking remarks made by Ronald Acuña Jr. regarding his ACL injury
The outfielder, 26, expressed gratitude to the supporters, stating that they have been so overwhelming that it has made him cry by himself at home.

“I feel like I’m the one abandoning the team,” he continued. I feel as though I’m the one disappointing everyone.”

Acuña Jr. added that it is not necessary for the squad to win a World Series. After suffering a season-ending UCL injury, the team’s best player, Spencer Strider, also expressed similar sentiments. However, Acuña’s statement is even more devastating because it perfectly captures what transpired in 2021.

After Acuña tore his ACL in 2021, Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos replaced the injured outfielder with four outfielders and turned the team from mediocre to postseason contenders.

Naturally, the team embarked on a postseason journey that culminated with Atlanta’s first World Series victory since 1995, with Acuña enthusiastically applauding from the sidelines.

Nobody is more familiar with the path to recovery than Acuña, and we hope for a speedy and effortless recuperation for him. He will spend a month recovering in Los Angeles following his operation, which is set for next Tuesday.

The slugger did mention that he would help his teammates after his operation and during his convalescence. Even if that’s commendable, it’s still difficult to know that he won’t be able to help Atlanta achieve its ultimate objective of taking home a third World Series championship.

Hopefully, Acuña’s enormous support network, Braves Country, helps him get through the tough times.

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