Jalen Hurts’ favorite college football memory is from practice at Alabama.

During his collegiate football career, Jalen Hurts was a member of the winning teams in three conference championship games, reached the national championship game three times, and took part in four collegiate football playoffs. He was the SEC’s offensive player of the year in 2016 and placed second for the Heisman Trophy in 2019.

But the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback asserted that his favorite college football memory came from practice at Alabama.

“My fondest memory of college football dates back to the early days, when I enrolled early,” Hurts said. “Like a senior in high school, I was thrust into the starting quarterback position for the scout team right away. The scout team had me at quarterback. My name was Deshaun Watson on the scout team. I learned a lot very quickly. They respected me right away, although it wasn’t always that way. Still, it was fun. The nicest aspect, and my fondest recollection of the event, was definitely making a lot of wonderful friends. When I was younger, I just won their respect.

Hurts attended Channelview High School in Texas before moving to Alabama in January 2016. In preparation for the 2015 CFP national title game against Clemson, the Crimson Tide was getting ready. In the title game, Hurt—who did not participate in the game—helped Alabama overcome Clemson 45–40 by impersonating Tigers quarterback Watson.

Hurts is preparing for his fourth NFL season as Philadelphia’s starting quarterback. He shared his fondest college football moment in response to a fan’s query for an Eagles video feature that was made available on Thursday.


Hurts responded to more questions from fans by saying he thought he might have played professional baseball.

Hurts said, “I think I would have been really good at it if I had kept playing.” I’m a huge baseball fan. That one was my first love. But I choose to disregard it. I think I made the proper decision.

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