With the return of Royce Lewis, Minnesota will not only receive back one of the best players in baseball but also see a significant change in their lineup.
Royce Lewis hasn’t played baseball for the Minnesota Twins in almost a month, but it looks like that wait might soon end.

Lewis went down with a quad injury in his first at-bat of the season after hitting a home run, and he hasn’t returned to the field since Opening Day’s third inning. Although Lewis was seen as a dark horse possibility for MVP, it was an unfortunate turn of events that he ended up in the same grave as numerous other Twins players due to injuries..

It looks like he will return soon, even though a specific date is still uncertain. Lewis is recuperating on his own and ought to be cleared to play in St. Paul prior to his triumphant return to the Major League Baseball squad.

When he returns, the Twins will have more than just a talented young player. Rocco Baldelli will have a variety of alternatives when it comes to arranging the lineup on any given day after Lewis returns to the field.

Royce Lewis’s projected starting lineup for the Twins during his return
The range of lineup combinations Lewis may bring back is one of the key reasons the Twins should be looking forward to his return. Ideally, he’ll recover sufficiently to return to action and assume the role of starting third base for the team.

By filling in for Edouard Julien or Alex Kirilloff at the DH position in this situation, the Twins can change what happens there and free up defensive spots in a certain lineup.

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