Dennis Allen gives a health update for DE. Chase The Saints were aware of Young’s ailment prior to agreeing to a one-year contract.

The New Orleans Saints’ head coach Dennis Allen gave an update on defensive end Chase Young’s injuries. Young’s health is getting better, but Allen says he won’t be going back to the practice field anytime soon. Unless they reevaluate him before training camp, the team expects that Young will stay in that status during his participation in walk-throughs during OTAs.


When Young signed with New Orleans, they were aware of his condition and expected that he would miss the most of the off-season.

Chase Young, a fifth-year defensive end on a one-year prove-it deal, was a significant off-season signing for the Saints, who are placing a lot of faith in his ability. Despite his present ailment, Young should be available and a valuable boost to New Orleans’ pass rush. The team hasn’t had a consistent pass rush during the last two seasons.

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