The Detroit Lions wide receiver is back on the market.

Is he going back to the Detroit Lions?

One player who often takes unexpected turns during the NFL offseason is Quintez Cephus, a former wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. After being suspended and then reinstated, Cephus played a short stint for the Buffalo Bills. He’s looking for a team that will give him another chance now that he’s a free agent.
Background and Recent Developments



Quintez Cephus was chosen by the Lions in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. In his rookie season, he caught 20 passes for 349 yards and two scores. However, his career trajectory declined due to injuries and off-field issues. After suffering a fractured collarbone in 2021 and a foot ailment that kept him out of play for much of 2022, Cephus was dealt yet another severe blow: an indefinite suspension for violating the NFL’s gambling policy.

Earlier in the summer, the NFL waived the bans of Cephus and a number of other players. As a result, he had a fleeting chance to agree to a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately, a little more than a week later, the Bills decided to cut him, making Cephus a free agent once more.

Cephus’s chances and the state of the Lions
The question now is: Would Cephus’ Detroit Lions consider signing him again? Though it doesn’t appear likely that Cephus would sign again, the Lions certainly need more depth at wide receiver. The team’s front staff has most likely moved on, focusing instead on creating a squad with players who have a lower injury risk and no previous disciplinary issues.

Quintez Cephus Quintez Cephus Returns to the NFL: Market and Outlook Prospects
Cephus’s challenge will be to convince a different NFL team of his capability to contribute on the field while ensuring that his injury history and previous ban do not overshadow his abilities. In order to schedule meetings and workouts with clubs that are trying to add depth at wide receiver, his agent will need to work very hard.


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