The summer 2023 transfer window for Premier League clubs has now ended.

At 11pm on Friday night the transfer window slammed shut after 80 days of incredible activity and levels of spending by the 20 Premier League clubs.

Now on Saturday morning, only another 121 days until we reach 1 January 2024 and it all starts again!

In summer 2002 a new record was set for spending in a single transfer window, with a staggering £1.92bn laid out by the then 20 PL clubs.

Moving forward to this current window and spending by the current 2023/24 Premier League clubs has ended with a spend of £2.36bn!

BBC Sport reporting that Deloitte figures show that the new single window record has gone up by £440m when it comes to spending by 20 PL clubs.

Whilst with £815m having been spent by Premier League clubs in January 2023, we have now seen for the first time, (well over) £3bn spent by PL clubs in a calendar year.

So how does this all break down amongst the 20 Premier League clubs.

Journalist Nick Harris at Sporting Intelligence has produced educated estimates, two tables showing spending by each of the 20 Premier League clubs.

These show firstly the clubs in order of gross spending, basically, the total spent by each club.

Then the order of clubs when it comes to net spending, which is the total spent by each club with the money from sales taken off.

So how do Newcastle United compare to the other 19 Premier League clubs in the two summer 2023 spending tables?

Premier League clubs summer 2023 transfer window – Gross spending.

As you can see, Nick Harris has produced these figures up to 10.30pm on Friday night, so we may need to add the odd deal, however, we get the general overall view.

The idea that it is Newcastle United who are going to distort the transfer market and unfairly spend far more than all of the other Premier League clubs, looking a ‘little’ weak now.


Indeed, if you are talking about the Premier League ‘big seven’, all of the other six have spent far more than Newcastle United!


Including Chelsea who have spent way more than three times as much as NUFC.

Premier League clubs summer 2023 transfer window – Net spending

Newcastle United are once again ranked sixth in terms of net spending.

This metric places teams like Bournemouth and Burnley higher than Newcastle United, which isn’t quite consistent with the negative portrayal of NUFC in the media.

Sporting Intelligence believes that Newcastle United will have spent a net on £88.6 million this summer, which is not a small figure but far less than clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester United.

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