The summer transfer window reportedly saw Nottingham Forest give “brief consideration” to signing Sergio Ramos and Alexis Sanchez.

After departing Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the previous season, Ramos, 37, was a free agent. He stayed unsigned for the duration of the transfer window before signing with his old team Sevilla earlier this week.

The accomplished defender has been named to the FIFA FIFPro World11 an astounding 11 times. He has also won the Champions League four times, the World Cup once, and the Champions League.

The renowned Spanish center-back was briefly under consideration by Forest, but a transfer was never “close to happening,” according to The Athletic. For former Arsenal and Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez, the same is true.

Sergio Ramos to accept contract in Europe 'if no significant offer from  Saudi Arabia arrives' - Football España

The 34-year-old was playing in France for Marseille when Forest pondered making a move for him, but he ended up going back to Inter Milan around the end of the transfer window. The Chilean has played in 154 Premier League games and registered 63 goals in six seasons in the top division of English football.

Although neither player was ever regarded to be close to a move, the fact that Marinakis and his squad investigated deals demonstrates their vision for Forest’s future. Big-name players could still join the team in the future, considering that options have already been explored.

Should Forest have made an effort to sign Sanchez or Ramos? In the comments, please.


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