According to sources speaking to Football Insider, Newcastle United and a top-tier Belgian club have discussed a possible purchase.

The Tyneside club wants to become a feeder club for a team at their European neighbor and grow their ownership portfolio.

The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, which also owns four teams in the Saudi Pro League, presently owns Newcastle.
They are currently considering expanding their network across Europe, which would be a game-changing move.

It was previously reported that Newcastle’s owners were interested in signing KV Oostende of Belgium, but it is now thought that another top-tier team in the nation is their main choice for a partner club.

The two parties have discussed a potential agreement in which Newcastle’s owners would purchase the club’s majority ownership.
A successful example of a multi-club strategy is Manchester City’s City Football Group, which is gaining popularity.

CFG owns 13 clubs spread over four different continents, all of which work together as a network to find and nurture talent.

BlueCo, the owners of Chelsea, has branched out into multi-club ownership by acquiring the majority of Strasbourg this summer.

The addition of an associate club would provide Newcastle more scouting and transfer options, as well as new marketing, sponsorship, and supporter-base-building opportunities.

The Newcastle leadership sees multi-club ownership as an essential step in their long-term objectives for the club as they strive to make the Magpies a dominant force in European football.

The Newcastle management may be planning other football club acquisitions as they grow their multi-team network.


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