According to AP News, Leeds United have filed a second appeal in their lawsuit concerning Jean-Kevin Augustin, this time appealing the £24.4 million pay settlement struck in their dispute over his 2019/20 transfer deal.

The news organization located in the United States announced on their website that the Court of Arbitration for Sport has set November 16 as the date for the hearing to dispute the previous judgment to award in favor of the striker.

The current claim is for the £24.4 million that Leeds was ordered to pay Augustin by FIFA in March after it was decided that they were in breach of the five-year contract agreed upon in the 2019/20 season due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Leeds were forced to pay RB Leipzig a £5.8 million first instalment as part of a subsequent £18.2 million transfer deal after losing the first CAS judgement last year [Yorkshire Evening Post, 4 November 2022], but have now filed a second appeal.

A seemingly never-ending struggle

The legal struggle, which has been raging in the background for well over a year since their previous appeal, continues to rumble on in the background due to the financial consequences it could have on the club under new owners 49ers Enterprises.

leeds united

The newer owners inherited the legal struggle when they purchased the club over the summer and will file additional claims against the ruling, which might compel them to spend an additional £24.4 million – money they would rather have on the books.

It is a convoluted and drawn-out ongoing battle that continues to linger in the background as Leeds strives for a great season on the field, and it will now be a further distraction for 49ers Enterprises, who will be eager to put it behind them.

The board will be hoping that their legal claim is successful and that they have a good foundation for an appeal; otherwise, they would not be wasting time and money attempting to write off the existing £24.4 million owing to the striker.

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